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Gurgenidze Davit

Dean of faculty of civil engineering, Professor

Date of Birth: October 16, 1963

Tel: +995(32)222 15 95,

Mob: +995(77)73 33 33


2005 – Georgian G.Chogovadze s/r Institute of Energetic and Energetic Constructions Candidate of Technical Sciences

1999-2001 – Georgian Technical University, Master program “Civil Law” Master Civil Law

1983-1987 – Georgian Polytetechnical Institute, Faculty of Hydrotechnical and Sanitarian Constructions, Hydroengineer Engineer Hydrotechnician 1981-1983 – Moscow V.V.Kuibishev Engineering Institute of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Hydrotechnical Constructions

3. Academic experience: 2013- Present Professor Department of Water Supply, Sewage, Heating-Gas Supply, and Engineering Equipment of Buildings GTU 2006-2007 – Invited Professor Chair of hydraulic machines GTU

4, Non-academic experience: 2001-2004 – Deputy Minister Ministry of Energetic and Fuels of Georgia 1997-2001- Chairman of Board Supervisory Board “Mercuri-92” Ltd., Moscow

5. Certifications or professional registrations: N/A 6. Current membership in professional organizations Georgian Academy of Engineering

6. Honors and awards: N/A

7. Service activities (within and outside of the institution) 2001-2003 – Head of State Examination Commission Department of Hydroengineering GTU 1998-2001- Head of Industry and business support TEMPUS TACIS-‘s International Center GTU
8. Llist the most important publications and presentations from the past five years – title, coauthors if any, where published and/or presented, date of publication or presentation 1. L.Klimiashvili, D.Gubeladze, D.Gurgenidze, M.Natsvlishvili. The laws of transit flow of the rivers. Hydroinjineria. №1-2(19-20) 2015
2. L.Klimiashvili, M.Natsvlishvili. Efective mechanisms for mechanical impact on water supply systems Hydroinjineria. №1-2(19-20) 2015
3. L.Klimiashvili, N.Natsvlishvili D.Gurgenidze. On the development of expert systems Hydroinjineria. №1-2(19-20) 2015
4. Z cTsikhelashvili, P.Giorgadze, D.Gurgenidze, G.Tchichinadze. Effective use of part of a permissible stock of underground Georgian high quality “biologically active” natural drinking water. Mshenebloba. #2 (37), 2015
9. Llist the most recent professional development activities: N/A