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Civil and Industrial Construction Department


  1. History of Sokhadze Civil and Industrial Construction Department

The construction and the Georgian man appeared on this country simultaneously. There is no profession without training. He had a great load of words in the life of the Georgian man: “Your family was built,” God will bring you “, which has ruined the love of love and others. Ie “It was a symbol of resurgence, advancement, goodness and love.

The development of the construction has been conform to the spiritual and professional development of the nation. Since 1922 the University of Polytechnic has been opened at Tbilisi University, which consists of three: Construction, Mechanical and Mining Unit. On October 1, 1928, the Polytechnic Institute was opened. In 1930 the reorganization of higher education institutions was established, with six institutions established on the basis of which. Initially the Faculty of Construction consisted of two specialties: civil and industrial construction and construction of construction materials.

Technical education and the rise of the expansion is related to the construction of the Faculty, as well as the Polytechnic Institute of giant growth, which was formed in 1990 on the basis of the Technical University, which trains specialists with higher education, who have the technical ability to solve problems of science in any sector, including Two of the most difficult tasks in the construction.

From the establishment of the Polytechnic Institute, the Faculty of Architecture was the Faculty of Architecture, where he had a distinctive and leading role in the construction of the Cathedral of Construction, which was established in 1930 by the Academician Kirik Zavriev. Here are the bridges, drones, metal and wooden structures, testing of structures and foundations. The following chairs were led by professors: G.Kartsivadze, L. Gvelesiani, D. Dolidze, I. Berishvili, E. Memmariashvili, G. Amkhiladze. I. Mshvenieradze.

From 1995 to 2006, the restructuring of the construction structures was formed by Professor A. Sokhadze, but before 1958 the foundation foundations were laid out by the Construction Constructions Department, whose head was Professor D. Mshvenieradze, and the faculty was led by professors D.Cerseelidze G. Chokhonelidze In 2004, the Department of Construction Constructions joined the chair of metal constructions.

In 2005, the construction of the building constructions A. Sokhadze led today celebrates its 75th anniversary, which was celebrated at the Technical University, the Academy of Sciences, the Engineering Academy, and the construction of the Faculty of the effort, which ended with the scientific-technical conference “Construction and XI century”, published reports and abstracts of the magazine, the Department awarded the construction tools O Faculty Medal.

The Civil and Industrial Construction Department was created in 2006, the head of which was Professor, Order of Honor and Giorgi Nikoladze’s Medal owner, Agulo Sokhadze, who till the year 2016 was responsible for this responsible job.

The Civil and Industrial Construction Department was created on the basis of seven directions:

  1. Direction # 21 of Construction Constructions, Head of Direction,

Full Professor: Mshvenieradze;

  1. The direction of construction, organization, economy and management # 23,

Head, r. Professor Chogovadze;

  1. Field Mechanics and Foundation-Based Direction # 45, Head
  2. Professor: G. Chokhonelidze;
  3. Building # 75 of the Technical Production Technology, Head,
  4. Professor: T. Jordania;
  5. Section # 91 of building material and merchandise, head,
  6. Professor: A. Nadiradze;
  7. Section 122 of Technical Diagnostics and Expertise, Head,
  8. Professor: M. Tsikarishvili.
  9. Construction and Architecture No. 16 Direction, Head

Professor: R. Zhengt.

There were 15 full professors in the CSM department with 34 associate and 8 assistant professors, many invited specialists, who were always in the service of the SSC.

From 2011 the CSD department has been divided into four directions for reorganization:

1) Building Management Organization, Economy and Management # 23, Head, Professor Chogovadze;

2) # 75 direction of construction industry, head,

  1. Professor: T. Jordania;

3) Directional materials and merchandise # 91 direction, head,

  1. Professor: A. Nadiradze;

4) Technical Diagnostics and Expertise No.122 Direction, Head,

  1. Professor: M. Tsikarishvili.

Finally, there were no structural constructions # 21, soil

Head of Mechanical and Basic Foundation # 45, Head

  1. Professor: G. Chokhonelidze and Construction and Architecture №16 direction, Senior Assoc.Professor: R.Zhgenti.

Since 2016, the Department of Civil and Industrial Construction has been renamed by GTU Rector academician A. Fransishvili and Professor D. Gurgenidze, the Dean of the Faculty of Construction, and renamed the Agalian Sokhadze Civil and Industrial Construction Department, which is a tirelessly trained professor-teacher Friends and all those technical personnel who are trying to keep the name of the leading department continue to be dignified.