The Students’ Interuniversity Conference – „SIUEC 2018“ 2019-02-13T15:57:51+04:00

The Students’ Interuniversity Conference „SIUEC 2018“

On 8-9 December, 2018 within the frames of students’ standing workshop, existent at the faculty of “Business, Law and Social Science of Akaki Tsereteli Kutaisi State University and which is investigating Georgian economic mind and the problems of Georgian economic development, the students’ interuniversity conference „SIUEC– 2018 dedicated to 175 anniversary of Niko Nikoladze was held.

102 students from 5 Universities participated in the conference.

On December 8, the plenary session was held in the assembly hall of Kutaisi A. Tsereteli State University. Later the activity went on in 4 thematic sections.

The following students of GTU Construction Faculty participated in this conference:

  1. A IInd-year doctoral candidate Revaz Sikharulidze. Supervisor-professor Murman Bakradze.

The topic: “The technical-economic efficiency of energy-efficient three-layer overlapping between the floors for the multi-story buildings”;

  1. A IIIrd-year doctoral candidate Davit Zakashvili. Supervisor-professor Revaz Makviladze.

 The topic: “Certification of the buildings and requirements toughening in the course of their designing and putting into operation”;

  1. A Ist-year undergraduate Lika Nozadze. Supervisor -professor Murman Bakradze.

The topic: ”The tendencies of entrepreneurial milieu development in Georgia”;

  1. A Ist-year undergraduate Lana Mchedlishvili. Supervisor – professor Grigor Khoperia.

The topic: “The aspects of cost administration of urban parcels of land for the solution of a sustainable development of Construction branch and efficient economic administration”;

  1. A Ist-year undergraduate Ani Kaishauri. Supervisor professor Grigor Khoperia.

The topic: ”The necessity of economic administration indicators’ systems processing  for the efficiency of the development investment project”;

  1. A Ist-year undergraduate Nino Mamisashvili. Supervisor -professor Elina Kristesiashvili.

The topic: “Loses in construction and the problem of their acceptance as tax costs”;

  1. A IVth-year bachelor Giorgi Lejahava. Supervisor – professor Grigor Khoperia.

The topic: ”The evaluation with the view of financing for the development of the real estate in the framework of a separate standard requirements issued in 410 (“the real estate being in the process of development issued”) by the international council of standard evaluation in 2017.

The mentioned articles will be published in the conference collection of Kutaisi A. Tsereteli State University.

On December 9, the conference continued its work at Niko Nikoladze’s house-museum in the village Didi Jikhaishi, where the students presented (read) their works dedicated to Niko Nikoladze’s socio-economic and political views. Then they took a view of the exhibits exposed in the museum.

Within the frames of cultural-cognitive events the excursion to the resort Tskaltubo was organized.