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The purpose of conference: 

Ponto-Caspian  (Caspian, Black Sea and Azov Sea) and the Caucasus region cover a large geographical area. The peculiar rich flora and fauna of both water basins and land areas in this historical region differ from other regions. Also, the mountains, history, ethnography, archaeology of these regions and the different culture of the citizens  play a big role in the improvement of the ecenomy and natural resources.

          Ponto-Caspian and the Caucasus region, the changes in the conditions of integration and isolation of ecosystems  in this area, phylogeny of aquatic and terrestrial organisms, features of flora and fauna, geology, ecology and geography, cultures of people living in the Pontocaspi and Caucasus region, psychological and gerontological features, interesting moments in the history of the region are  supposed to be discussed by scientists at the International Conference.

The main purposes of the multidisciplinary international conference (online) are to focus the attention of world scientists working in different fields into Numerous scientific researches devoted to the study of pontocaspi and Caucasus region and also to create an opportunity for developing measures which is addressing to the global challenges of the region.

The conference will include lectures on research works of the following topics:

  1. Phylogenesis of indoor watershed creatures

  2. Current state of economic aspects of management of Caspian Sea Resources

  3. Similar and different aspects of genetics, ecology and geography of flora and fauna in modern times

  4. Characteristic of geological and geographical changes in pontogaspi region

  5. Impact of ecological and climate change on mountain ecosystems

  6. Mathematical-statistical modeling and Biophysical Research Methods of hydrobiological processes.

  7. History, ethnography of pontocaspi region, psychological and Gerontological characteristics and culture of the local population

  8. The role of renewable water resources in agricultural development.

  9. The role of anthropogenic influences in the emergence of shortage of seafood

  10. The role of archaeological memory and historical monuments of pontocaspi region in tourism development.

We are waiting participation researchers, PhD students, masters from your organisation in this conference and they should submit the articles. The requrement to the aricles will send you.

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