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Building Computer Design Department

Murman Kublashvili Professor

Georgian Technical University

Faculty of Construction

Building Computer Design Department

Address: Tbilisi, m. Kostava, 68

GT Study Room, Room 503

Tel: 63-70


Mission and Goals of the Computer Design Department of Construction

The work of the Computer Design Department of the Building will be based on the principles of unity, equality and transparency of academic freedom, teaching, learning and research. The strategic development plan is based on the Long-Term Action Plan of Development of the Faculty of Construction of Georgian Technical University.

The use of modern computer technologies for construction design is the most important place in the development of the country.

The Department is guided by the principles of democracy and humanism principles and provides the public with reliable, educated and highly qualified resources.

The sustained growth of the construction industry puts new requirements on design organizations and institutions. Requirements on the number of project documentation, their quality increases sharply. The only way to solve this problem is to use modern mathematical methods and computing techniques in the process of designing the process of the technological process of the whole process of computer technology.

For the development, implementation and operation of automated design systems, it is necessary to create completely updated base and computer programs and prepare highly qualified specialists at this base, which will work in any field of construction and information.

Objectives of the Department is

  • Providing high quality education for all stages of teaching (professional, bachelor, master, doctoral degree) using modern computer technologies in the field of construction engineering
  • Integrating engineering-engineering and computer engineering technologies that expand the computer knowledge base, which in turn contributes to sustainable development of the community.
  • Development and implementation of educational programs based on modern computer technologies based on both life and practice.
  • Conducting prospective interpersonal theoretical and applied computer surveys based on modern computer technologies for solving the problems of construction engineering.
  • Provision of exchange programs and advisory support to increase the academic level of students. Ensure high competitiveness on local and international markets.
  • Support for maintaining intellectual and cooperative environment that will facilitate the achievement of high professional results of students and staff;
  • Ensure students’ teaching with modern computer resources (access to modern laboratories and literature);

Goals of the Department

  • Create / modify academic programs of all stages taking into account the internationalization process;
  • Prepare a specialist equipped with knowledge of modern theoretical and practical methods of automated design of construction.
  • AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Nastran, ANSYS, Robot application for software development in software development.

For students

  • Improve teaching and learning quality using modern computer technologies, including electronic and distance learning.
  • Complex study of project design and computing objectives of graphical programming and building structures of construction tasks;
  • Establishing opportunities for engineering and economic calculation using modern information technologies
  • Establishment of operational understanding of the relevant problems and the ability to make optimal decisions by considering construction risk factors;
  • Study of strategic and technological management of construction processes;
  • Prepare a specialist who will have modern methodological and informative and technological knowledge.
  • Developing leadership, management and communication skills for students, which require a wide range of career development and continuous learning.
  • Creation of Employer Council and joint work to revive programs;
  • Establishment of Department of Graduates;
  • Renew / modify laboratories;
  • Upgradation of textbooks, methodical instructions with modern powerful computer programs;
  • Employee participation in scientific-technical research and projects in priority directions;
  • Strengthen scientific research, participate in international conferences;
  • scientific cooperation with STT’s Cybernetics and Computational Mathematical Institutions;
  • Strengthening scientific research to gain international grants with the International and Rustaveli Foundation.