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Civil and Industrial Construction Department     

                 Sokhadze Civil and Industrial Construction # 102 Department

Goal of the CSM Department is to train specialists with higher education to have the ability to access scientific and technical and socio-political problems of the modern world in the use of new methods of design and business skills in engineering practice; Study for Student Building Planning, Building Emergency Environmental Rules, Organizing Emergency Situations Management, Safety and Critical Infrastructure Facilities, Organizing Safety, Prevention of Emergency Situation Outcomes and Engineering Provision of Liquidation Feelings, rules of behavior and action in emergency situations.

  • Strengthen students who have the ability to design buildings using modern methods and standards;
  • Reconstruction and strengthening of buildings;
  • Improvement of the methods of calculation based on scientific research and designing new structures through modern technologies;
  • Ability to access European standards while designing buildings and structural elements.

Main Strategy and Objectives of the Department:

Prepare high qualified construction engineer, construction master and research researcher in the field of construction.


Lia Kakhiani Professor


Georgian Technical University

Faculty of Construction