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Construction Economics and Management Department

Elina Kristesiashvili Professor

Georgian Technical University

Faculty of Construction

Construction Economics and Management Department

Address: Tbilisi, K. Kostava str. 68

Tel. 2 33 25 02 Inner 68 25


Department of Economics and Management

Mission of the Department

The main mission of the Department is to continue to grow and release successful, demanding specialists in construction and management of construction

The aim of the department.

Conducting educational  processes with educational programs. Provide the above processes with subjective textbooks, legislative, normative and methodical literature. In order to increase involvement in student scientific research activities, the Department carries out creative activities in the development of methods for assessment of sustainable development, marketing strategies and efficiency of companies of investment and construction.

The basic strategy of the deployment

The set goals will be realized in the development of corrective strategies related to planning, coordination, monitoring systems, and developing the willingness of academic personnel.

Goals of the Department

  • Create / modify academic programs of all stages, taking into account the internationalization process;
  • Improve teaching and learning quality using modern methodologies, including electronic and distance learning;
  • Introduction of modern assessment system of learning outcomes;
  • Develop students with leadership, management and communication skills needed for a wide range of career development and continuous learning.
  • Creation of Employer Council and joint work to revive programs;
  • Establishment of Department of Graduates;
  • purchase of computer support and equipment;
  • Publication of textbooks, methodical guidelines and scientific articles;
  • Employee participation in scientific-technical research and projects in priority directions;
  • Up graduation of the staff

Scientific-research work

Development  and implementation of methodological approaches to value building management for construction organizations.

Improvement  of methodological and legal – normative bases for sustainable development of real estate market subjects.

Study of the real estate market and indicating indicators on this basis for the purpose of developing sustainable development strategies for regional and local state  bodies.

Modernization and improvement  of methods of evaluation of investment processes and mechanisms for construction organizations.

Determination of future value criteria for realization of real estate market conjuncture to realization of future projects.

The scientific direction trends are being updated every year and the chairmanship of the faculty continues active activity in this direction and development.