Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technology and Building Materials 2018-07-08T17:26:49+04:00

Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technology and Building Materials

Archil Chikovani Professor

Georgian Technical University

Faculty of Construction

Building Computer Design Department

Address: Tbilisi, m. Kostava, 68

GT Study Room, Room 531

Tel: 60-85


The mission of the Department: with relevant state standards and educational programs

Mission of the Department: Organization and implementation of training of specialists defined by the relevant state standards and educational programs at the level of the country and international requirements.

Objectives of the Department: Introduction of modern building materials and technologies. Merger of theory and practice on the construction sites for the sight of the department profile.

The main strategy of the Department

The core strategy of the department is to establish an innovation-manufacturing unit. Department of Innovation-industrial institution in the formation of a modern system of industrial complexes and modernization of scientific-synthesis, which is implemented harmoniously determinant of market realities, which is based on the idea of ​​continuous education and training process of saturation of the real practical problem, Applied, I Scientific initial models.

The development of the organizational structure of the department will be clear: electronic learning, virtual classes, digital laboratories and the latest technical means of distance learning.

The infrastructure of the department will be developed: improvement of auditors, laboratories, proposals, corridors and storerooms and arrangement of modern furniture. Also, audiences should be equipped with tools for e-learning.

Organizing an innovative  scientific-educational center that will facilitate the development of scientific-research projects with regard to the subject of the department.

The department’s priority will be to establish its place in the science market. The urgent necessity is to provide innovative work personnel, which involves the proper functioning of training, retraining and qualification of innovative spheres, defining thematic relationships with international engineering professional societies, including leading engineering and educational institutions.

It is important to have a combination of ideas, knowledge and field competences. This is a scientific practice that is traditionally developed and developed within it. On the other hand, the Department should create instruments, structures and initiate processes in order to support the dynamics of scientific development, to develop and develop new topics. All of this creates an urgent need for compulsory consideration of modern research aspects in all stages of education in the department. We need to change the ratio of research and researchers in such a way that the research component in the PhD level is to be a decisive guide to the educational program.

Modern research needs modern literature with modern study and research material base.

The sectoral  approach generally applies to the subjective problems of the relevant sphere, but unfortunately we still have the criteria of modern relevant educational institutions.

Which  means that:

  • Doctoral education strategy should be based on the study and research resources of the Department;
  • Bringing creative and intellectual autonomy in the doctorate thinking of the Department so that the results of the PhD studies satisfy the originality of the modern research and it is advisable to disseminate this research into the international scientific community.

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