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Construction Machinery Department

Mikheil Shilakadze



Construction machinery and mechanical equipment

Study-scientific direction

Address: Tbilisi, Kostava, 72

GT Study Corps, Room No. 404

Tel: 2 36 42 07; 66 73 (internal);



Construction Machinery Department

The main tasks and functions

The Department operates with an accredited educational program, the main directions of which are: mechanical equipment for crane transport, transportation, construction and road vehicles and construction industry enterprises, as well as harbor transport and technological means (later the ASCM, SIM and ZST).


The main task:


Organization  and implementation of the training of specialists defined by the relevant state standards and educational programs as well as the profile of the department at the country and international level.

The main tasks:


Ensure training of disciplines and training courses envisaged by state standards and educational programs involving modern pedagogical technologies in the learning process;

Organization and implementation of the fundamental, search and applied scientific research of the Department’s profile;

Organization of multilevel professional systems education and implementation of the department profile;

To carry out scientific  and engineering and technical policies in the country.

Key Functions:


Educational activities:

Development of educational curriculum in educational programs (including vocational education)

Preparation and submission of textbooks, disciplines training methodological complexes and other methodical literature;

Conducting the study training provided by the curriculum;

Carry out independent works;

Intermediate control of students’ attendance;

Control and conclusions on the qualification work of doctoral and graduate students.

Research – Scientific direction:

Submit report on completed research-research works;

Participation in Scientific-Methodological and Scientific-Practical Conferences;

Preparing reviews on monographs, scientific articles, dissertations;

Choosing candidates for doctoral studies;

Examine individual plans of MA and PhD students;

Listening of periodic reports of MA and PhD students;

Make conclusions about master’s and master’s doctoral qualifications.

The Department is obliged to:


Ensure high efficiency of its actions with obligations imposed on him;

Do not allow the violation of the rules of regulation.

Composition and structure:


Composition depends on the volume of study load and the specificity of scientific research;

The Department has its own laboratory in laboratories with expert stands, educational-scientific center, computer cabinet.