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Building Computer Design Department



Scientific research work

The main directions of scientific research work

Development of methods of researching the tense and rupture processes of self-contained bodies using singular integral equations

Development of the numerical solution of numerical solutions of mathematical physics and elasticity theory using singular-integral equations

Establish computer programs for calculation of arched dam

Optimal design of construction structures

Automatic management systems design

Them. Numerical solutions of physicists’ boundary tasks using probable methods

Development of numerical methods of geometric nonlinear deformation boundary tasks of the thermodynamic theory

Research and design of space superstructure reflectors

Seismo construction research and design

Solving numerical tasks for the task of building seismic resistance with the finite-element method

Compute r modeling and use of white noise.



Today the Department has close relationship with N. Muskhelishvili’s house Institute of Computational Mathematics, V. Chavchanidze st. With the Institute of Cybernetics with which the Department has won the European Commission’s EUR grant (initial funding 600 000 €) under the name of the project “Computer Modeling and Applications of White Noise”. Also, under the guidance of Murman Kublashvili, the Department has received two more grants: to determine the standard of logical and analytical thinking in X, XI, XII grades and Study / Teaching Methodology in the general education system. Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II Charity Fund, 2014-2015; Applied analytical methods for calculating wave motion in coastal areas. Rustaveli Society,  2014-2017, FR / 35 / 9-120 / 14, GTU.




All the work of the department staff, see the information confirming the participation in conferences http://science.gtu.ge