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Civil and Industrial Construction Department

The material base of the Department includes the Study Scientific and Expert Laboratory of the GTU Faculty, as well as in the Laboratory Study, the current operational tool


Diaprojector  Letter 60 -1 Ts.

Electrical deformation  meter АДД-4 186 – 2 ც.

Electric  Furnace Machine “BKS-500 -1 Ts.

Tablet shaft NGF 1439 -1 cc;

Hydraulic Press PSO-250 -2 Ts

Standing block stand – 4 Ts

Stand-test 1-cc

Universal pump machine ГРМ 500 -1ц:


The crater measuring -1 c

Indicators with Cables – 12 Ts.

Maximov System Disinfectants – 6 Ts

Manometer MP-60.