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Civil and Industrial Construction Department

  1. Sokhadze st. The CSD Department conducts many scientific research work, most of which have practical significance:


Large spatial constructions;

Strengthening construction structures – modern methods and methods of strengthening, their practical implementation in reinforced concrete, metal and wood and plastic structures;

Calculation and design of dilapidated systems (arches, cameras, complex roofing);

Calculation of individual dwellings – designing;

To investigate the actual work of the buildings and to work out new constructive forms and calculation methods;

Seismic resistance and dynamics of buildings;

Research of reinforced concrete mechanisms

In the form of approximation with the European mechanisms in the field of civil security, a method of assessment of emergency engineering assessment and emergency algorithm in terms of determining the matrix of structural vulnerability of buildings.

Seismic resistance and seismic construction;

Improvement of methods of calculation of construction structures based on experimental research;

Development of new European norms, namely, in the native language of the normative documents of the Euro-codes, which will facilitate the relationship of state investors into this field.

The standard document for designing concrete and reinforced concrete structures of Eurocond-2 was published in the native language.


SSM Department of Master works are urgent issues, such as: high-rise buildings in the calculation of the frame and the construction of high-rise buildings shekidul  sartulebiani design, calculation and design of roofing  features, seismo-safe systems, pre-designed multilevel structures Buildings and structures, their design features, etc.




Dissertations protected in 2011-2017 at the CSM Department, reflecting all of the above-mentioned problems:


Aleksi Tsakiashvili 2011-2014

Hand: Balanchivadze Lia


Dissertation topic: ‘Checking the strength of the reinforced concrete element based on experimental data according to the transparency force.


The purpose of the dissertation is to evaluate the real situation with new approaches, based on the analysis of theoretical and experimental studies, and the experimental calculation of the reinforced concrete slopes on the basis of experimental techniques and modern standards and technologies.


Irakli Saladze 2012-2015

Hands off: Kahiani  Lia


Dissertation theme: “The effect of seismo insulation on the dynamic characteristics of the reinforced concrete building”


The purpose of the dissertation: Examine the impact of seismological systems on the dynamic characteristics of the reinforced concrete buildings, the study of their effective use, statistical and dynamic characteristics to evaluate the cost of real construction, cost and economy.


The new type of seismometer was used in the heart of the circular arrangement, which was located between the foundation of the 16-storey carpet building and the building constructs. The 16 masse charting calculation of such a building was taken on a two-dimensional scheme; With the participation of Prof. Kodoshvili (the Director, Constructor of LLC “Constructors”), a new program was written for computer engineering calculations, which confirmed the preliminary results, based on the reduction of materials-concrete reinforcement, which gives new possibilities to optimal design .


Mikheil Mukhigulishvili 2012-2015

Handmade: Jemal Esaiashvili


Dissertation topic: “Estimating sustainability of compressed columns of reinforced concrete


Seismic  Impact. ”


The purpose of the dissertation is: the theoretical and experimental research of the stability of the stem structures in the stem systems, in particular the multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings, during the seam loads. The influence of additional eccentricity generated by seismic impact is lost in the loss of elements.




2015 year.


Nikoloz Medzmariashvili


Dissertation Theme: “Great Flea Space Reflectors


New Principles of designing ”


Supervisor: Prof. Agulo Sokhadze


Co-chair: Professor Lia Balanchivadze


Reviewers: Professor Bichiko Surguladze;


Tmd David Pataraia


Victoria Beridze


Theme: “Restoration and strengthening of architectural heritage monuments


Constructive measures to boost seismic resistence ”


Head of the Association: Associate Professor Aleksandre Lebanidze


Reviewers: TMM, D. Ramishvili;


Associated Professor Maia Chanturia;


Malkhaz Bediashvili


Dissertation Theme: Anti-Semitism of Civil Structures (Examples of Restoration and Reinforcement of Damaged Buildings) “.


Heads: Head: Prof. Agulo Sokhadze


Professor Maia Chanturia.


Reviewers: Associate Professor Lia Kakhiani;


Prof. Gela Kipiani, Prof.


Zurab Loshvili


Dissertation Theme: “Military-Engineering Geography of Georgia


Geoinformation  basics “.


Head of the Department: Prof. Elguja Medzmariashvili;


Reviewers: Professor Lia Balanchivadze.


2016 year


Vakhtang Turashvili


Subject: “Calculation framework (calculation elements) calculation




Supervisor: Associate Professor Omar Khazaradze


Responses: A.Berisenishvili


2017 year


Giorgi Nozadze


Theme: “Constructed in reinforced concrete sections


Statistical analysis of forces


Head: Associate Professor Maia Chanturia;


Reviewers: Professor Lia Balanchivadze;


Tm Neli Eremadze.


Nino Nakhveturi


Subject: “In the frame of the frame you can pre-touch the armature


Change, under the influence of concrete creeping deformations


Supervisor: Professor Lia Balanchivadze;


Reviewers: Associate Professor Maia Chanturia;


Neli Eremadze.


Doctoral Program – “Military Engineering”


Anna Khatelashvili


Theme: “Georgian telecommunication satellites air-space


Integration of Strategic and Tactical Functions of Protection “,


Head of the Department: Prof. Elguja Medzmariashvili;


Reviewers: Professor Shota Tserodze;


Academic Doctor of Military Sciences,


Colonel Giorgi Danelia




Georgia is in the second zone of the seismic zone where the seismic impact on the buildings is 7,8,9 bales according to Richter’s scale.


Many seismic systems have been introduced in the world, but in our country, the effective seismic system, which reduces the seismic forces between the foundation and the building twice a year, changes the structural calculation scheme, changes in a multi-dimensional scheme with a two-dimensional scheme that is very effective:


In terms of calculation;

Constructive arrangement;

To enhance the seismic boost for strengthening buildings that our country needs very much for its heritage.

Two scientific papers are drawn up by the seismic systems in the CSD department.

Construction of metal multi-storey buildings and large consoles with complex types of nodes that use sharply reduces the timing of execution of the installation works. The operating conditions are distinguished by high density, seismic resistance and long-term. This system was implemented at the Wendys restaurant located on the crossing of Dolidze and Balanchivadze streets in Tbilisi (architect G.Maisuradze).


In Georgia, there is a widespread (eastern Georgia) lysoiseries that are characterized by unlike the usual loamy soil. Many of the houses in Tbilisi are built on these grounds, which are due to the depth of the properties (in case of soil erosion) deformation. In order to avoid everything we have developed a new method (amino-carbonization method) in the department. Its essence lies in the fact that it is injected into the soil -NH4 solution that results in the strengthening of the basal-grounds and retains its properties.


Work has received a patent: # 358470;


The department has also developed a landslide slope through the horizontal concrete hoists (counter-formations). We have taken patent # 6613, which was introduced to the landslide slopes in Didi Digomi in Tbilisi, where one of the landslides was stopped.





80th Open Students Scientific Conference, 2012:


Mikheil Mukhigulishvili (Master) – “Seismic Systems of Highly Frigate Buildings”, Helmut. Lia Kakhiani

Irakli Jicharadze (Doctoral) – “Technology of Building Large Roofs”, Levan Makhviladze

81th Open Students Scientific Conference, 2013


Dachi Jugashvili, Luka Chkuaseli (Bachelor) – “Reinforcing Concrete Strength by Modern Methods”, Helmets. Lia Balanchivadze

Giorgi Areshidze (Master) – “Selection of Ground Fertility Index for Landslide Slope Report”, Hands. Guga Chokhonelidze

Alexi Tsakiashvili (PhD) – “Research of the causes of the reversal of the reinforced convection of the reinforced concrete element by considering modern methods of calculation”, arm. Lia Balanchivadze

Dato Phurkulashvili (PhD student) – “New Type Transforming Construction”, Hands. Beka Surguladze

Giorgi Beradze (Doctorate) – New Type of Pre-Tailored Combination of Pipeline Large Pipeline “, Hands. Beka Surguladze



82th Open Students Scientific Conference, 2014:


Irakli Saladze (Doctorate) – “Rules for the implementation of the design of seismomazal system in the foundation of the frame building”, arm. Lia Kakhiani

Beka Mebaghishvili (Doctorate) – “Legislative base on construction activities and its impact on construction quality”, arm. Lia Balanchivadze

83rd Open Students Scientific Conference, 2015:


Teona Dzvelishvili, Dachi Jugashvili (Master) – “Peculiarization of the Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Curtain Element Element”, Hands. Lia Balanchivadze

Kakha Makharoblidze (Master) – “Contemporary Contingent Issues of Floorshire Monolithic Roof”, Lia Kakhiani

Mikheil Mukhigulishvili (PhD student) – “Calculation of reinforced concrete columns using the modern methods of bending”, arm. Jemal Esaiashvili

Vakhtang Turashvili (PhD student) – “Peculiarities of Installation of Gogreled Metal Gaskets”, arm. Omar Khazaradze

Nodar Chkhaidze (Doctoral) – “Calculating Cylindrical Streets on Statistical Analysis”, Hand. Maia Chanturia

Nika Medzmariashvili (PhD) – “New Principles of Creating Highly Accurate Fusing Spaceflight Reflective Antennas”, Helmut. Aghul Sokhadze

84th Open Students Scientific Conference 2016 Year:


Christine  Khuchua (Bachelor) – “Nanomerqan – XXI Century Building Material”, arm. Tamaz Khmelidze

Zaza Jangidze, Pridon Barbakadze, Vazha Tsibadze (Bachelor) – “Preventions in Wood Constructions”, Helmets. Lali Verulashvili

Nino Nakveturi (Doctoral) – “Influence of Deeper Deformation on the Peculiarities of Preliminary Reinforced Concrete Structures”, Helmand Balanchivadze

Ana Khatelashvili (Doctoral) – “Military Satellite Systems”, Elguja Medzmariashvili

Giorgi Nozadze (PhD student) – “Calculation of long-term deformations of compiled carving structures”, handmade maia chanturia

Alexandra Mamardashvili (Doctoral) – “Use of Quality Infrastructure and Importance in Construction Business”, Mrs. Maia Chanturia

Nikoloz Khomeriki (PhD student) – “Calculation of the Vantage Bridges of the Vortex Bridge by Taking Vantage,” by Mamia Chanturia



85th Open Students Scientific Conference 2017 Year:


Kristine Khuchua, Tevdore Avalishvili, Evgeni Dzneladze (Bachelor) – “Peculiarities of Designing Reconstructive Roof Roofs in Modern Construction”, Helmand Balanchivadze

Givi Dolidze (Bachelor) – “Theoretical examination of the parameters of the parameter of the reinforced concrete elements”, handmaker Lalaara Avalishvili



May 19, 2017


“Construction of the Department of Construction Constructions of Baccalaureate of Student Student and Doctorate Professors-Professionals Exhibition”



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