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Construction and Transportation and Mechanical Engineering Faculty Road Department

Road Construction Department


Student, Scientific and Expert Laboratory of GTG Graduate Faculty

Used equipment, equipment and equipment:


Standard Seats: 40; 20; 10; 5; 2.5; 1.25; 0.63; 0.315; 0.15; 0.08 mm

The trap vibrator STSJ-3

Libra general purpose electronic STSJ-2 5 kg; d = 0.1 gr

Hydraulic pressure STYE-2000C d = 0.01 kn;

Universal machine WA-1000 d = 0.01

Laboratory oven (dryer closet) STHX-2A

Laboratory oven (drying camera) 120-KD

Marshall Stability Machine UTAS-4012


Marshall compactor to prepare samples


Water bath with thermostat 30SB

Kernels breakable apparatus



Equipment used in scientific-research enterprise “Mastral”, equipment-equipment (lined with relevant agreement):

Bitumen viscosity tool “phenometometer”

Tool for determining the viscosity of the liquid bitumen and bitumen emulsion “Viscosimeter”

The tool for determining the temperature of the bitumen is “ring and ball”

Bitumin Determination Tool “Ducletometer”

The bitumen temperature determination device “Phrase”

Electrical Equipment Determination of Bitum Spray Temperature “Branden”



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