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Construction and Transportation and Mechanical Engineering Faculty Road Department

Road Construction Department

Road Department – Scientific-research work

The main directions of the research and research work of the Road Department are designing railways, including narrow-range railways, highways, aerodromes and artificial structures and creation of its normative-technical base for Georgia’s conditions; Elaboration of a standard-technical base for design, construction, arrangement and operation of ware structures. Establishment of bridges, tunnels and other buildings, testing of bridges and tunnels, designing bridges and other artificial structures, compiling normative documents and comparing them with European documents and expertise of artificial structures. Improve the properties of asphalt concrete mixtures using modified binders; Improvement of traffic-carrying transport characteristics using semi-rigid (climate) layers; Development of roadmap models for road geometric elements based on the study of automotive regimes in different road conditions; Development of methods of road transport and exploitation properties in complex natural conditions; Research of technical-economic and ecological problems of automation in direct connection of specific characteristics of the road network; Development of legislative and normative base in the areas of motor roads and road traffic, mandatory insurance and technical inspection; Improvement of the city’s infrastructure infrastructure by optimizing the network of filling stations; Influence of arrangement of bicycle road network on the motor motorway throughput, in difficult terrain conditions; Methods of scientific research to prove the modern normative base of transport infrastructure in the cities of Georgia.




Scientific works

Professors of the Road Department are successfully participating in the implementation of international and state-of-the-art projects and expertise such as motorways, domestic and local road projects in Georgia and abroad; Design, examination and examination of bridges, tunnels and other artificial structures on railway and highway roads; Designing of Natakhtari-Khashuri, Zestafoni-Kutaisi-Samtredia sections of the international highway E-60, Tbilisi-Batumi railway rehabilitation project, designing, exploration and construction of Kars-Akhalkalaki International Railway etc.


In 2013-1016 was completed 30 bridges in Tbilisi and 53 railway bridges in Georgia and 33 railway bridges were conducted. Investigation of Metekhi road tunnel in Tbilisi Translated to and from 2.05.03-84 “Bridges and Pipes. Designing Norms “, Sn and Q 3.06.07-86” Bridges and Pipes. Examination and exam rules “and others.


The staff of the department also participated in the national standard of Georgia: SST Gzebi: 2009 General Use Roads. Geometric and structural requirements in development; Research and exploration of international and internal roads of Georgia in designing; Research and search of the roads and streets of Tbilisi and other cities of Tbilisi and regions of Georgia;




Conferences, seminars, exhibitions

Participation in the conference-exhibition organized by “Tissen Groupe” in 2014 Conference in Berlin, 2015 in the conference dedicated to the issues of “underground construction mechanics” held in Novosibirsk in 2014.