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Construction Machinery Department



The laboratory base of the Construction Machinery Department is in the “I” and “B” blocks of the I Teach I of the Technical University of Georgia in several rooms. The main laboratory is located in b-404 rooms and serves laboratory services in the disciplines of academic direction. The second laboratory is located in the A401 room and serves laboratory work in construction specialty groups.



Laboratory № 1

The No. 1 Laboratory located in the 404 room is equipped with different models of modeling models (Video 1, Video 2), part of which is made by our specialty students. In the laboratory there is a building tower of Kb-403A trainer (simulator), which students will learn about editing, working, service and dismantling. They also learn how to manage cranes (Video 3).

The main part of the models is on stacks due to the large number of operating models and the lack of laboratory space. During the laboratory work, they are taken, tested and carried back to the stack.

The laboratory is equipped with educational and scientific equipment and equipment. Among them are the modern SUTM-1 car, which is only three pieces in Georgia. It is possible to define the wear and friction parameters in the wide range of load and friction speeds for metals and non-metallic materials. Tearing and friction STM-1 cars are conducted as pure scientific-research targets, as well as laboratory work for bachelor’s and master’s students.


Laboratory № 2

The N2 laboratory located in the A-401 room is equipped with different models of modeling machines, stands and equipment for the study of automation elements used in construction manufacturing processes, specialty stands studied by the elements of hydrocarbons of construction vehicles and visuals of vehicle hydrosystems .


Existing model of automated gravitational handling of the Gravitational Concrete Remodeling Lab in the Laboratory 2, Specialized Stand of Hydraulic Drive Study Vehicles and Visualizations of Hydrosystem Elements


In the laboratory there is a ÖO-2621A trainer (simulator) of the unicorn pneumatovate excavator, where students study hydraulic excavator construction, service and repair. The trainer allows students to study the excavator-stop, carrying, excavator worker (Video 4) of this excavator.

In the same laboratory, the student will study the pneumatic tractor T-180 simulator and keep track of it. Using the Bridges trainer, students will learn the construction of such lifts, the principles of their placement in the workshop and learn how to manage them. The trainer allows the student to train cargo from one position to the other, in the accuracy of the delivery of the cargo. The accuracy of the cargo appointment assesses the trainer’s electronic system with a 5-point system.




The bridge can be trained at the trainer’s trainer in the accuracy of their contribution to the positions indicated by the teacher


The laboratory is equipped with various visuals, such as computer, cinematic, epidemic and diaphragmatic equipment, large number of construction cars and their nodes. Laboratory Phytomyca includes 11 studio films and black-and-white firms, 48 ​​denominations, 31 CD discs, different construction and their nodes designs, machinery work technologies and service issues.




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