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Construction Machinery Department



Training – Scientific Center

Head of the Center: Mikheil  Shilakadze – Prof.


The center performs designing, modernization, service, diagnostic and expertise activities for the following machinery:


Tower, bridge, jogging, crane cranes, cabins, transporters, escalators other crane-transport vehicles

Excavators, cranes, concrete, dosages, concrete pumps, crushing-knitting knives and other construction machinery

Bulldozers, graders, scrapers, asphalt and asphalt-concrete tanks, tamping and other construction-road vehicles

Technological   machinery and equipment for construction materials and merchandise enterprises (mills, creeks, ovens, presses, mixers, transporters and etc.)

Railway construction  and maintenance machinery and equipment (railway trackers, shelters, ballasters, ships and ballast cars, dumpers, etc.)

Portable cranes and specialized luggage-transport vehicles used in ports and harbors

Open and closed cargo terminals and load container machines on container stadiums

Passenger, freight and cargo-passenger lifts

The center is functioning with the GT academic direction. He has been assigned the head office functions throughout the country in the design, testing and expertise of crane-transport, construction-road, cars and lifts.

The Center works in accordance with the State Inspection of Technical Supervision of Georgia and introduces the norms and rules of safe operation of the machine mentioned above.


The main directions of the Center are:


Conducting trial-designing works including drawing of complete constructive documentation

Reports on the firmness of the typical and specific details of vehicles using computer techniques

Technical Surveillance and Certification of Construction-Road Machine Equipment, Cranes, Hazard Risk

Development and implementation of the safe exploitation norms and regulations of the above-mentioned machinery and equipment in agreement with the State Inspection of Technical Supervision of Georgia

Organizing the qualification raising courses of enterprise engineers and technical personnel, including security technicians

Prepare operators of cranes, , floors and other construction and road vehicles equipment using the directional simulators (simulators)

Provide 8 vocational programs in relevant professions

Some of the research done by the Research Center

Trial-design work


Reinimation of the entire park of Enguri hydroelectric power stations (after the disaster in the 90s);

Modernization of the vast majority of jogging cranes functioning on the Georgian terminal expedition “Tbilisi and Poti container terminals, thus ensuring the entire technological process;

ÇÁB-674A to modernize the tower stroke to ensure the installation of metal constructor of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, which allowed the temple builders to leave the deadlock;

Constructing the hotel “Marriott” through the Chairperson of the Freedom Square, designed and supplied by the protracted culprit;

Reinimation of technological purpose crane-transport facilities and complexes of Rustavi metallurgical and  Zestafoni ferroalloys.

The research-scientific center has been awarded the status of headquarters in the field of design and crane-transport equipment design and expertise.

The direction and its center have eight nominations for the professions in the respective professions.

The center, using the chair simulators, prepares all kinds of crane operators,  steamers and other construction machinery and equipment operators.

The courses are designed for the qualification raising courses for engineers and technical personnel, including security technicians.