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Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technology and Building Materials



At the Polytechnic Institute, the chain of construction organization, technology and building materials simultaneously was established at the opening of the construction specialty. In 1960, this chamber was separated from the construction technology and building materials.

The first head of the department was the Vice Chancellor of the Institute, the famous Hydroinist, Prof. Andguladze. At different times the department worked with famous scientists; C. Ninaua, Z. Tsilosani, c. Sokhadze, A. Sakandelidze, A. Kalandarishvili, G. Beridze, G. Takadze, Z. Ezugbaia, A. Monitor.

In 1978, the chair was split into two: “Construction Production Technology” and “Building Materials”.

The following chairmen of the “Construction Production Technology” chair were: Professor G. Nino and Prof. Zhordania.

The head of the chair of the “Building Materials” was A. Nadiradze.

The “Civil and Industrial Construction Technologies” and “Building Materials” are unified in the “103 Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technologies and Building Materials”, which was created in 2013. Head of the Department is Prof. Chikovani.

During the existence of the Department, the staff has written 45 textbooks, 32 textbooks and many methodical instructions. From time to time, the development of the construction work and the development of technologies and building materials, the education literature was renewed.

During the existence of the Department (2013-2016) 11 capital guidelines and 3 methodical instruction are written.


During the existence of the Department there were 5 patents received by the Chairmen of the Chair (V. Loladze, Shavt Baganidze, N. Mikhiladze).

The staff of the department (M. Lortkipanidze, V. Loladze, Sh.Bakanidze, N. Mikhiladze, I. Kvaraia) wrote seven monographs. Protected Doctoral Thesis:

During the existence of the Department there are 3 doctoral theses (4 thesis – Professor Shalva Bakhanidze, 1 – Professor V. Loladze, 1 – Associate Pfizer T. Esadze and 1 – Professor A. Nadiradze).

The department has a special spectacular viewer.

Currently 12 doctors are studying PhD programs.

Our specialty alumni can be employed to work on construction of civil, industrial, transport and other sectors, concrete and reinforced concrete factories, highways and other plants.