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Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technology and Building Materials

Material base:

GTU, Faculty of Study, Research and Expert Laboratory. Scientific Leaders of the Laboratory: A. Motsonelidze, V. Dvalishvili. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment manufactured in the Republic of Poland. The purpose and purpose of the laboratory is that the bachelor’s graduates acquire a large laboratory experience in a wide range of modern laboratory methods, acquire the ability to solve the problem by group work. Our students are carrying out a detailed examination of the basic physical-mechanical properties of the materials, ceramic materials, cylindrical substances (cigar, gypsum, Portland cement), cement mixture and concrete. As well as testing of armature and steel profiles.

Building and Structures Research Center.  The head of the research center is A. Kubaneishvili. The research center is equipped   with modern pressure and equipment. The Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s Degree in the Research Center also examines the concrete components, as well as the basic physical-mechanical properties of materials, ceramic materials, curing substances (cigar, gypsum, Portland cement), detailed tests of cement mixture and concrete, binders.