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Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technology and Building Materials

Scientific-research work:


Analysis of multi-storey buildings structures constructed with monologic reinforced concrete in order to reveal the possibilities of the economy;

New technologies for concrete products manufacturing;

Developing advanced technologies in superconductors using concrete structures

The results of the study were introduced in the production;

The use of heliotropes in order to accelerate the strengthening of concrete and reinforced concrete products.


The participants of the International and University Conferences are also available at the GTZ site;

The following scientific works are performed in the Department:


Internal university grants:


Project “Development, Constructing and Calculation of New Type Disinfectant and Coarse Concrete Constructions;

Project “Complex technical and technological solutions for ensuring sustainability of natural slopes and ground structures;

Project “Multi-layer energy saving of buildings-structures New technology for building constructions.