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The Department of Engineering Mechanics and Construction – Technical Expertise



Main directions of scientific work: 1. Elasticity theory 2. Hydro Manica 3. Plasput theory  4. Building mechanism  Seismic resistance 6. Sustainability  of structures 7. The causes  of damage and diagnostic of structures 8. Theory of structural rupture of structures

Mathematical modeling of underground water flow; Newtonian and non-aristocratic fluids and dynamics of floating bodies; Thermodynamics tasks; Rock stability; The dynamics of structures, plasticity and theory of creeping; Linear theory of elasticity theory.

Journal “Construction”, Journal “Hydro-ecology”, “Stucco Works”


Scope of scientific activity



Solid deformed body mechanics – Tamaz Batsikadze, Vasil Sokhadze, Rusudan Giorgobiani, Zurab Madzagua


Digi-plastic deformations of drawn cylindrical shells – Jumber Nijaradze


Dry-plastic deformation of cylinders and shells – Ramaz Chkoidze


Dynamics of Buildings – Nugzar Murghulia, Vazha Lomidze


Problems of numerical realization problems of variable spatial constructions – Amiran Buksanidze


Solid mechanical mechanics and related issues, in particular the mathematical modeling of the fluid and solid deformed body mechanics; Border and border-related tasks of the thermoelectricity theory for non-potent transmutant isotropic bodies; Dynamic tasks of elasticity theory for the same material; Mathematical modeling of blood motion in blood vessels, in particular capillaries; History of science and technology – d. Gorgidze


Statistical and non-objective tasks and dynamic contact tasks for the spread of the crack in the drainage area; Integral transformations and Winner-Hop method, Smirnov-Sobolov’s functional-invention solution .- G. Bagaturia


Research of protective properties during dynamic loading of glass plates. Vazagashvili


Problems  of Optimizing Conditions of Climbing Rock Stones and Interaction Processes with Stones. Losaberidze


Issues of hydraulics, elasticity and platology – V. Pachulia


The symmetric sustainable filtration tasks for the complete and incomplete drainage of different forms when the water movement is subject to Darsy Law. Tsitskishvili


Inertial and non-stationary magnetohydrodynamic dynamics with healing of electric blanket fluid taking into consideration heat; Blunt electromagnetic fluid pulsation and non-stationary magnetohydrodynamic dynamics in the pipes taking into account the heat and the tasks of the boundary theory. – l. Jikidze


Dynamic   processes of dynamic processes of fluid mass and fluid flow; Static Sustainability of Natural and Artificial Fertility Unstable Objectives. Dynamic  Tasks for Hurricane-Liquidation and Snow Avalanches.


Research of thorough systems (theoretical) whose geometric and physical characteristics are affected by the interruption of Djankatashvili A.Tabatadze


Research of tiles and shells in the environment in the environment – I.Kakutashvili, L.Khorganashvili


Anecdotes Examination of Domed Structures using Elastic and Plastic Models – A.Tatabadze, L.Khorganashvili, I.Kakutashvili, D.Jankarashvili, D.Tabatadze


Research,  diagnostics and technical expertise – Prof.


Monitoring of buildings-fiber-optical and indefinite control methods -Prof.Manjavidze


Laser technologies and methods of control of the indiscriminate method of processing the methods of study of the state of construction of constructions -Prof. Metreveli


Studying the dynamic dynamic processes and processing the construction methods of buildings-structures.


Development of modern methods of calculation of building-structures, diagnostics, technical expertise – etc.Profax Dakadze


Laser Technologies and Designing Structural Research Methods by Inverse Control Methods – Assistant Prof. Beridze


Information about the conferences conducted:

2016 – June 23-25 ​​International Conference “Mechanics 2016”

2015, 2014 Annual Conference of Mechanical Union

2014 “Mechanics 2014” Anniversary Conference

2013 – the  third international conference, environment protection, architecture and modern problems of construction