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The Department of Engineering Mechanics and Construction – Technical Expertise


The Department of Engineering Mechanics and Construction-Technical Expertise in the educational process uses the scientific–educational laboratory of mechanics named after professor A. Gorgidze


     Today, special attention is given to the improvement of various disciplines teaching methods. This is due to the utilization of modern informational systems and technologies and their introduction into the educational process. Alongside with it the process of laboratories rehabilitation and modern equipment provision for them is taking place in higher educational institutions. Also new laboratories are being created, virtual laboratories for remote learning and not only for this purpose.  In compliance with up to date requirements, laboratories are created for those disciplines where only the lectures were delivered and practical studies were not conducted at all. Such steps have been taken at Georgian Technical University in recent years. The Rector of University – ArchilPrangishvili believes that with the view of full learning providing, it is necessary to create and develop modern laboratories. The Rector of Georgian Technical University made a decision to set up the laboratory of mechanics.

     Under № 1029 resolution of December 16, 2013 of the Academic Council of Georgian Technical University and Decision of the Representative Council (Senate) of Universityunder the resolution № 3 of the session № 42 of December 20, 2013a scientific-educational “Engineering Mechanics”laboratory named after professor Alexi Gorgidze was set up at the Construction Faculty as a separate structural body.

     The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment manufactured in Polish Republic. The objective and the function of the laboratory is to enrich the bachelors with a large laboratory experience, enabling them to master a wide range of modern laboratory methods and acquire the ability to solve the problems through team working. The laboratory should be considered as the way and the place of real engineering tasks solving by the bachelors.

     Theoretical mechanics is one of the most important physics-mathematics sciences, taught not only in Universities but in vocational schools as well. A lot of theoretical and engineering disciplines, such as material durability, theory of machinery and mechanisms, parts of machinery, the theory of elasticity, internal and external ballistics and many others are based on the laws of theoretical mechanics.

In the future it is supposed to conduct a practical work with the help of personal computers and installation of a new automatic laboratory complex, promoting the educational process and its improvement.