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Department of Water Supply, Wastewater, Thermal Improvements and Engineering Equipments


Laboratory of Water Supply, Wastewater, Thermal Improvement and Engineering Equipping Department


In laboratory, laboratory trainings are carried out in the sanatorium of buildings and practical exercises in pumps and pumping stations.


Pumps and Pump stations: Determine the height of the full pump, select the pump type and mark the number of the pump  worker, build the curve and pipeline character trajectory, find a critical point; Study of pump parallel and sequential work, total feature of construction, pump and pipeline analysis, actual cost, etc.


Sanitary equipment of buildings: Determination of hydraulic characteristics of water supervision armor; Determination of irrational costs Determination of the characteristics of winged water reservoirs; Determination of the characteristics of turbine water doses; Work on individual tire tank and valve valve; Comparison of the costs of comparison with the standard values ​​of the volume, etc.



As it is known, with the efforts of the academic Archil Prangishvili of the University Rector, Archil Prangishvili, the Government of Austria and the Government of Georgia have agreed to construct and equip the ultramodern scientific research laboratory of hydroelectric buildings in the construction faculty structure EB. The laboratory will serve both academic and scientific and expert processes in the following directions: hydraulics; Hydro mechanics Hydrology, water treatment – cleaning; Mechanotherapy Thermotechnics; Welding; Ecology Laboratory and Mechanisms Computer Control Lab.




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