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Department of Water Supply, Wastewater, Thermal Improvements and Engineering Equipments


Scientific research work In the Department of Water Supply, Wastewater, Thermal Impact and Building Equipments Department, numerous scientific research works are funded by the financing of the state budget and financing of international grants.

The UNDP project is intended to deepen links between the formal / informal vocational education system and needs of the labor market in Georgia in the context of training in life, funded by the EU.

Project No. 135: “Academic Cooperation for Capacity Building in Environmental Education” (ACCES)

Donor: Austria Agency International Cooperation in Education and Research  OeAD- GmbH – Austrian Cooperation Program for Higher Education and Research Development (APPEAL).

The staff of the Department take part in international conferences and symposiums in many countries around the world.

5 employees of the department are elected as the real member of the Georgian Engineering Academy. 1 member of the Department is a scholarship scholar of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

Department – 6 employees are awarded with different quality orders

(Dignity), and medals. Among them 3 are the special prizes of the Ministry of Higher Education.