The delegation from Potsdam University visited the faculty of Civil Engineering of Georgian Technical University 2019-10-22T14:03:58+04:00

     The delegation of Potsdam University (Germany) headed by the professors Yorg Rioder and Gunter Seidly made “a visit of familiarity” to the faculty of Civil Engineering at Georgian Technical University.

     In the frames of the visit the German scientists had a meeting with a professor David Gurgenidze – the Dean of the faculty of Civil Engineering, the Heads of the Departments and the teaching staff. The parties highly appreciated the first visit, the purpose of which was to entirely familiarize themselves with the activities carried out at the faculty. A video address was brought by the German colleagues where the President of Potsdam Technical University showed his interest in the future to cooperate with Georgian Technical University and the faculty of Civil Engineering in particular.  

     As professor Yorg Rioder noted, since the Georgian Technical University is considered to become their potential partner, it is important for them to get the detailed information on the faculty’s educative programs and educational infrastructure.

     “We are glad to be on a visit at Georgian Technical University and it is our first trip to Georgia and we have the honor to make a complimentary address on behalf of Potsdam Technical University. We are eager to consider Georgian Technical University as our future partner and starting from the 7th term to realize the exchange programs at the faculty of Civil Engineering. It will be the first stage of our cooperation. The University of Potsdam is not as large as Georgian one, but we would like to inform you that our University has got a very good educational infrastructure. We are interested in cooperation with your centenary University especially that Potsdam University was set up after the demolition of an ill-fated Berlin Wall. 600 students study at our faculty of Civil Engineering, we offer bachelors’ and masters’ programs. The third stage is being evolved as well. We will have special proposals for the masters and consider the laboratory activities to be of great importance. We try to intensively cooperate with various Technical Universities not only in Germany but abroad as well. We established close cooperation with Berlin University. At present together with Uzbek Technical University we work to produce a general masters’ program”,- informed Yorg Rioder.        

     In accordance with the information given by Technical University, in the course of the meeting professor David Gurgenidze – the Dean of the faculty of Civil Engineering drew his attention to the fact that Georgian Technical University possesses a longstanding experience. According to the Dean’s information, the management of the faculty of Civil Engineering will consider the possibilities of Potsdam Technical University and discuss the possible benefits of studying of Georgian students at University of Potsdam.

     “We would like to inform you that on the whole 24 000 students study at Georgian Technical University. 3000 of them study at the faculty of Civil Engineering. Those who are achievers become probationers at serious companies and in the end become successfully employed. Also we would like you to know that a lot of towns of the former Soviet Union were built by our graduates. Even today our University is one of the biggest in the Post-Soviet area. You should know that our graduates participated in the construction works taking place in Potsdam. The Technical University realizes more than 200 educative programs. We have: vocational, bachelors’ masters’ and doctoral programs. And even postdoctoral programs. Our scientists are involved in CERN’s and Japaneese KEK’s international mega experiments. We cooperate with Ulikh Research Center, have close cooperation with Polish University and work together on general programs. The same can be said about Universities of Italy and Spain. Actually, we are integrated with leading Technical Universities of the world. Our students are able without any difficulties to study with foreign students. Moreover, we have masters’ and doctoral programs which are realized together with European colleagues and consequently the students receive a double diploma. It is important that the faculty of Civil Engineering is equipped with up-to-date educative, experimental and scientific laboratories and facilities. Two weeks ago we received the newest educative facilities and equipment aimed at hydro-engineering structures from Austria. We are confident that Potsdam University will not possess the equipment of this kind because it is not introduced in Austrian Universities yet. Also the putting into operation an up-to-date bridge testing center is underway and it will be the pilot one in the region”– stated David Gurgenidze.

     After the meeting the professors of Potsdam Technical University viewed the educational infrastructure, laboratories and library of the faculty of Civil Engineering. Also they visited the unique educative mine-laboratory and the museum of paleontology.