European Innovation Technologies in Water Supply and Raceway in Southern Caucasus 2019-04-05T15:22:51+04:00

European Innovation Technologies in Water Supply and Raceway in Southern Caucasus

     In the frameworks of water resource protection week an international scientific-practical workshop on “European Innovation Technologies in Water Supply and Raceway in Southern Caucasus” was opened in Georgian Technical University. The workshop, backed up by the memorandum of mutual cooperation drawn up by Georgian Technical University and Polish Bialystok University of Technology, is aimed at sharing knowledge and practical experience in accordance with international standards.

The organizers of the workshop are the rector of Georgian Technical University – academician Archil Prangishvili, the rector of Bialystok University of Technology – Prof. Lehdzienis, the rector of Belarusian National Technical University – Prof. Igor Voytov and the Dean of GTU Construction Faculty – Prof. David Gurgenidze. The scientists from Poland, Germany, Ukraine and other European Universities became the participants of the workshop.

     The prime minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze attended the opening of the workshop and greeted the participants. As he noted, the government considers “green economy” as the most significant component of the economic development of the country and green policy in particular. “I think, namely the “green economy”, where the key role will belong to the water source management, is the most significant prerequisite for Georgia to become economically successful. Our economic policy has got two priorities.The biggest wealth we own: firstly is our society and secondly- our nature. Several weeks ago we announced an initiative of extreme importance, which by my estimation, is the national idea. We, as the State, annually should spend 6% of our economy, which equals to 25% of the State budget, exactly on education and human capital. And the second one – our nature with water sources in priority. I am sure, just through the development of these two priorities Georgia will rank with economically advanced countries and will solve all the challenges” – stated Mamuka Bakhtadze.

     As the rector of Georgian Technical University – Archil Prangishvili comments the international scientific-practical workshop is attended not only by the scientists but the experts from private sector. “We are visited by serious delegations from various parts of Europe who are amalgamated with new technologies introduction in the sphere of water supply and raceway. In Georgia this line is underway and needs complete retooling. New, so called, smart technologies are introduced all over the world and it is high time for us to study them and make attempts to put them into practice. Very important and interesting issues such as the handling of transfrontier water source, quality control, problems of management are submitted for the workshop. That’s why it is not an ordinary workshop, it is the practical meeting” – noted Archil Prangishvili

     According to the Dean of GTU Construction Faculty – David Gurgenidze the high rank scientists, such as the rectors of Bialystok Technological and Belarusian National Technical Universities as well as researchers from different countries participate in the international scientific-practical workshop dedicated to the international day of water source protection.

     “At the working sessions we consider such scientific-practical issues which are comprehensively important for Georgia. The topics are as follows: the ecology of environment and water resources, innovative technologies in the designing and construction of water supply and raceway systems, waste water recovering and waste recycling. The Georgian Technical University has completed a lot of contracts and memorandums of mutual cooperation both in the sphere of practical activities, exchange programs and on the matters of workshops carrying out. Among them is Polish Bialystok University of Technology. In the near future ten students – (masters and doctoral candidates) will go to Poland and ten Polish students will visit Georgia to do practical training” – informed David Gurgenidze.

     The international scientific-practical workshop – “European Innovation Technologies in Water Supply and Raceway in Southern Caucasus” acts in five sessions. The workshop quits it work on March 29.