An International Scientific Jubilee Symposium 2019-02-11T18:27:47+04:00

An International Scientific Jubilee Symposium

     On January 16, 2019 in the assembly hall of Georgian Technical University named after G. Nikoladze the II-nd International Symposium on the matters of “Seismicity and Engineering Seismology” was held, which was dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the prominent Georgian scientist and public figure – professor Giorgi Kartsivadze who greatly contributed to the upbringing of Georgian civil engineers.

The symposium was held with the support of GTU Construction Faculty and Georgian Engineering Academy.

     The work of the symposium was coordinated by a scientific and organizing committee, where the participants together with Georgians were the scientists from the USA, Russia, Poland and other countries.

     The rector of Georgian Technical University, academician Archil Prangishvili was the Chairman of the scientific committee and the co-chairmen were professors Levan Klimiashviliand Davit Gurgenidze.

The plenary session was directed by GTU vice-rector, professor Levan Klimiashvili.

The report: “Professor Giorgi Kartsivadze – the Scientist and the citizen” was given by the professor Lia Kakhiani

The work of the symposium went on at the Construction Faculty and ended on

January 17.

The working languages of the symposium were: Georgian, English, Russian.

The subject-matter of the symposium was as follows:

  • Geology and Engineering Seismology;

  • Theoretical and experimental research of buildings and engineering constructions seismicity;

  • Improvement of seismic standards;

  • The after-effects of destructive earthquakes, the rehabilitation of constructions;

  • Applied mechanics.

The reports discussed at the meeting were included in the collected articles and published separately.

It has been decided to hold the III-rd International Symposium “The Seismicity and Engineering Seismology” of 2020 again in GTU.