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Department of hydro engineering (N104)

Scientific-research work

Main directions of scientific work




The staff of the department are actively involved in the current scientific research, in the design of hydropower plants and hydro power plants in Georgia, in assessing monitoring and reliability of existing hydrocarbons (including Enguri HPP and Zhinvali).


The main direction of scientific research is: the firmness, sustainability, seismic resistance and rational structures of hydroelectric buildings; Hydropower Plants, Hydrological and Hydro-energy Study-Search Works; The problems of hydrodynamics of environmental and coastal areas in the maritime seaport regions and their solution.


It is noteworthy that Mirian Kalabegishvili is the author of the Gori Transport-Sawing Complex and Rikoti Rehabilitation Construction of Tbilisi-Batumi Main Road.




Projects financed by Shota Rustaveli National Fund with the participation of employees of the Department №104:




NFR / 35 / 9-109 / 14, applied analytical methods for calculating wave movements in coastal areas. Scientific Director Sh.Gagoshidze. Performers: M. Kodua, A. Gogoladze. 2015-2018;

Stabilization measures of the geomorphological processes in the rivers Rioni and Enguri Aquariums and their hydrodynamic methods of calculation. I. Saginadze, Sh.Gagoshidze, I.Kadaria, M. Kodua. 2015-2017;

№FR / 240 / 3-109 / 13 – prediction of the wave characteristics generated by catastrophic events in water reservoirs. Sermon Supervisor L.Gogheliani. 2014-2016;

№FR / 115 / 9-180 / 13 – Evaluation of the ecological condition of the Black Sea Water Quality and the development of complex measures for protection from the abrasive processes of the sea in the borders of Georgia. Please. R. Diakonidze, 2014-2017;

№DO / 77 / 3-109 / 14 – Hydrological problems of the rivers of the rivers and their solutions in the Black Sea regions of Georgia. Sermon Supervisor Sh. Gagoshidze. Doctoral researcher M. Kodua, 2015-2016.

AR / 130 / 9-240 / 11, hydroegeochemical and environmental problems and ways of solving them The Black Sea coastal region of Poti. Sermon Supervisor Found. Kadara, leading scientists: Sh. Gagoshidze, I.Saginadze. 2012-2014.

FR / №10 / 3-109 / 11. Study of water reservoirs and its impact assessment on eutrophication processes (on the example of Zhinvali water reservoir). Z.Suresava, L.Gogheliani, 2012-15;

No. 31/74; Hydroelectric properties of the rivers of the Black Sea basin and the ways of maintaining the natural hydrological regime of their hard runoff. Sermon The supervisor. Zdanelia, I. N. Goliadze M.Tofuria; 2013-2015.

Combination method of calculation of arched dam and the selection of optimal parameters. Supervisor Z. Gedenidze, 2010-2012.

  1. Hydrodynamics of coastal areas and its engineering aspects for the Black Sea regions of Georgia. Sermon Elderly. Sh. Gagoshidze, underneath Save me L. Gogheliani, I. Kadara, 2009-2011.

The structural sustainability assessment (new approach and relevant computer program) of the reactor (AAR) concrete structures between the coils and fillers. A. Motsonelidze. 2009-2011.





International grants:


“Integrated Monitoring of Environmental Issues in Marine Port Regions and Routes for Their Solutions”, EU Program “BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013”. Scientific Director of Georgia Shalva Gagoshidze. 2013-2016;

Development of Agrarian Bachelor Programs in Georgia USA. Joint project of Iowa University and GTU, L.Gogheliani, 2013-15;



Without state budget and grants


Performed research projects:




Project Survey (Hydraulic and Melioration Construction) to be conducted with respect to dam rehabilitation; Head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia;

The Water Management System for Project Water Management M. Khalabegishvili;

Expert assessment of the two-stage cascade of Namakhvan HPP; JSC Naamakhvani;

Expert assessment of Nenskrahes; Georgian Energy Development Fund

Examination of the construction part of Gori power plants; M. Khalabegishvili;

Scientific-technical expertise of the Tadzam hydrocarbon project M. Khalabegishvili; Found. Kadara and others.

Scientific-technical expertise of Arakshane hydro-project project; The supervisor. R. Khurodze; Performers l. Gogheliani M. Khalabegishvili and others.

Analysis of sustainability of the Jinvali HPP dam is based on monitoring results. A. Gogoladze:

Analysis of the results of multi-year studies of the deformation and thermal techniques of the Enguri HPP concrete. Part I-II Analysis of the results of multi-year research of the concrete thermal characteristics of the Enguri HPP dam; Financing organization: Enguri Hyes Ltd Peter Chichagua, 2009-2011.





Participation in conferences in scientific forums:

  1. Kalabegishvili, Analysis of crack formation and seepage into the foundationof the Enguri HPP dam, 9th International conference on contemporary problems of Architecture and construction, Batumi, Georgia, 09.2017
  2. 2017, 23-28 April, Vienna, Austria, European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2016, To The Restoration of The Washed-Out Sea Coast of The City Poti. Gagoshidze Sh. Kodua M.
  3. 2016, 17-22 April, Vienna, Austria, European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2016, Applied Analytical Methods for Solving Some Problems of Wave Propagation in the Coastal Areas. Gagoshidze Sh. Kodua M.
  4. 2016, 17-22 April, Vienna, Austria, European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2016, Hydro-engineering and environmental problems in Poti Black Sea region and ways of their solution Saghinadze I, Pkhakadze M. Kodua M. Gagoshidze Sh.
  5. Kalabegishvili, No stationary thermal regime and cracking in arch dams 2014, HYDRO Itali, Como 2014.
  6. Gagoshidze , M. Kodua, Poti port: The geomorphological processes in the coastal zone of Poti and the ways of their solution. 2-nd Steering Committee meeting, Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the  Ways of their Solution(ICME). Karadenisis Technical University,  Turkey, Trabzon25-29 November,2014
  7. Archil Motsonelidze, Vitali Dvalishvili, Effeqt of Ageing and Cyclic loading on the Strength of Gravity Dams. Delft,the Netherlands;26-28 May,2014
  8. Gagoshidze, M.Kodua, The Main Results of Compilation of Basic Data of Seawater Pollution and Sediment Migration in the Poti Port Region of Georgia and Development of Appropriate Mathematical Models for their Calculation,   „BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013“ (BLACK SEA) 3-rd Steering Committee meeting, Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the  Ways of their Solution ICME. Yerevan, Armenia, 20-21 October.2015
  9. Archil Motsonelidze, Prediction of Concrete Dam’s Reserve Strength Based on it’s Past Loading History, Proceedings of the II International Congress on Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Zaragoza, Spain, 23-25 November, 2010, pp. 777-786.
  10. Kalabegishvili, Seepage analysis of Enguri HPP tectonic foundation.` Meeting Demands for a Changing World` _ International  Conference and Exibition . Lisbon, Portugal 27-29 September 2010.