The meeting 2019-02-04T17:20:55+04:00

The meeting between the Dean of the Construction Faculty of GTU – professor David Gurgenidze and the professor Adam Ujma from the Construction Faculty of Chestokhova Technical University. Professors Givi Gavardashvili, Inga Iremashvili and Zurab Gvishiani were also present at the meeting.

     The Dean of GTU Construction Faculty – professor David Gurgenidze had a meeting with Mr. Adam Ujma – the professor  of Chestokhova Technical University. Mr. Ujma as an official representative of Chestokhova University handed over a package of documents to Mr. Gurgenidze, where the main tendencies of future cooperation were outlined.

     The necessity to complete an agreement of cooperation was also mentioned. The significance of joint scientific-research activity and efficacious putting into action of exchange programs of the academic personnel and all three educational levels (bachelors, masters, doctoral candidates) was marked out as well.

     On his part, professor David Gurgenidze informed the professor Ujma about the steps taken on the faculty to enhance the internationalization process in the line of education and science and showed his expectance that the cooperation between our Universities will become intensified in scientific-research and educational spheres.

At the end of the meeting the Dean of the faculty thanked the professor Ujma for his attention and motivation.

In the picture (from the left) professor Z. Gvishiani,  professor D. Gurgenidze, professor  A. Ujma, professor I. Iremashvili