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The Visit to China

On September 21-26, 2018 the 10-th  International Scientific Conference  on “Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction” was held in Beijing. Six members of Georgian delegation participated in it. Elina Kristesiashvili was invited from Georgian Technical University. She got personal invitation from professor Chenghi Qi – the vice-rector of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture,(„BUCEA“), the founder of the conference and the member of the organizing committee.

The objective of the conference was revelation and solution of the problems in the field of architecture and construction. The teachers, doctoral candidates and professors from 8 countries participated in the conference. Several sections were working at the conference.

1.      The architecture and the city planning;

2.      Civil engineering, architectural constructions, materials and construction technologies;

3.      Engineering systems and analyses;


The working languages of the conference were: Chinese, English and Russian. The simultaneous translation was proposed. The conference was opened by Ailin Zhang – the rector of Beijing University of Architecture and Construction.

Elina Kristesiashvili participated in the following section: “the Civil Engineering, the Architectural Constructions, Materials and Construction Technologies”. Her report with the caption: “The peculiarities of the buildings and structures design and construction on the complex relief, considering the seismicity“- J. Gigineishvili, E. Kristesiashvili, М. Javakhishvili” was drawn up as a poster and later it was published in the collection of works “Proceedings of the 10-th International Conference on Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction”.

  In the course of the conference the visit to the academic buildings and scientific-educational laboratories was provided for, as well as the visit in Beijing to the world’s biggest airport being under construction, the design of which was carried out by the teaching personnel of Beijing University of Architecture and Construction. The model of this project was carried into effect on the basis of the named University. The stability of the model was also tested and checked at the spot.

The final day of the conference was dedicated to the cultural events, namely the sightseeing of the Great Wall of China.